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Instagram: @z.zinsmeister

Contact number: 07707022285


Zoe Zinsmeister

Bristol, UK

An ongoing exploration into us as we slip into the digital age, (touching on mental health, classism, identity, tradition & politics) Another age that looks to power and possession through it's hunger to belong. A variety of mediums allow the artist to manipulate (or be manipulated by) a concept using humour, lighting, nostalgia, colour or words.



2014-2017- Fine Art Graduate (BA Hons Kingston school of art, London)

2013-2014-Foundation Diploma In Art and Design (Liverpool Community College)

Sep 2017-mar 2018- Assistant @ Oliver Mark Studio, Berlin, Germany


Jun 2017 - Wish You Were Here @ Kingston School of Art, London

Feb 2017 - Nicer Work @ Kingston School of Art, London

Dec 2016 - Brain Cells @ The Old Police Station, London

May 2016- Stubborn Comfort @ Kingston School of Art, London
Jan 2016 - Haus of Brainchild @ Kingston School of Art, London

May 2015 - {{{{{{{{Bin Bag}}}}}}}} @ Kingston School of Art, London

Feb 2015 - Art in the Dark @ Bushy Park, Kingston Upon Thames


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